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Choose which plan best suits your needs. In general the more info you can show the better both for cost estimates, and submission to council. Advice from your local council can help at this stage to ensure that your drawings will address their requirements. If you need help with this decision contact us for advice.

Upload or email as much information as possible about your project. Address, title plan, sketches, photos etc are all useful as well as a brief description of your proposal. If we need any further details we will get in touch as soon as possible. You can upload images, sketches and PDF documents in the my files section of the members area.


Once we have the info we need we will complete your drawings and email them to you. Once you receive your drawings you can review them, and check that you are happy with them. If needed you can request changes at this stage.


Once your drawings are complete you can lodge your drawings with council for permit applications, contractors or suppliers for quoting, or combine with additional documents for a building permit depending on the scope of works proposed.

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